From concept to final delivery our seamlessly integrated supply chain services will deliver brand protection every step of the way.

Our Supply chain services support the specific needs of each client. Varied and diverse, Axiom has built a fully integrated network of interrelated services that will best serve each project’s desired outcome. Efficient and scalable our process of moving a project from concept to final delivery is totally customizable. Every facet of the manufacturing process is handled by experienced teams supported with the latest technology and system controls, achieving greater than expected results.

Interoperability with smooth and seamless coalescence of services, our experienced teams guide each project through the difficult and tedious supply chain with ease and cost efficiency. We provide all the services and expertise detailing each and every step of the process for total transparency and an informative view of each of your campaigns.

Supply chain logistics

Platform of Integrated Services

  • Fulfillment Kitting Packaging
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Retail Distribution
  • Club Store Placement
  • Warehousing 3PL Logistics
Supply chain logistics

Brand protection is paramount in both the quality of manufacturing and how successfully an individual program navigates through the supply chain without compromising the timing of delivery.

Each manufacturing operation includes specific industry requirements that are needed to move a program through the supply chain, which are all managed and handled by teams of experienced professionals. Inclusive of all the latest technology and regulatory compliances your project will move confidently through each phase of the supply chain cycle maintaining your brand’s complete protection.
We work tirelessly to support your every need through our wide array of supply chain services:

  • Web-based fulfillment ordering systems
  • Salesforce administration and fulfillment programs
  • Serialization and tracking programs
  • Custom display manufacturing, packaging, and distribution
  • Pick and pack order fulfillment
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Consolidation and palletizing
  • Overseas and customs handling
  • Serialization, aggregation, and batch coding
  • Track and Trace ┬ábarcode compliance