A multi-faceted packaging partner for your brand’s presence, engagement, and ultimate protection.

Developing packaging through the life cycle of your brand takes on many challenges. Whether it’s a product launch, promotional campaign, or adhering to serialization. The requirements throughout the supply chain are diverse and complex. Our designers, technical experts, and experienced production teams will navigate the packaging process supporting you every step of the way.

Package presence is one of consumers’ first experiences with your brand. Your brand message speaks through the aesthetics by which customers will engage and act upon. Our understanding of this concept is what drives our designers to excel and provide you with the most effective solution in delivering that message.

Axiom’s custom packaging group is uniquely capable of bringing concepts to reality while delivering your brand message in any form, fit, or function required in today’s landscape.

multi-faceted packaging
multi-faceted packaging

Packaging evolution taken to the next step of creativity and efficiency

Packaging needs are unique and diverse, let our creativity and innovation move you and your next project through our seamless manufacturing process, delivering exciting cost-effective solutions.

Whether it’s promotional, technology-enhanced, or big box store display, we will create, develop, manufacture and deliver the highest quality at incredible value.

Starting with a new idea or a redesign of an existing package our creative process integrates form and function every step of the way as we take concepts through manufacturing to final delivery.

  • Concept drawing and 3D renderings
  • Structural graphic design and engineering of materials exploration
  • High-quality full-color prototypes
  • Automated high-speed manufacturing
  • Customized hand assembly
  • Packaging automation, overwrapping, blister sealing, and skin packaging
  • Kitting, fulfillment, and comprehensive supply chain support

Axiom’s packaging service is constantly expanding our primary capabilities as well as specialty finishes, offering the widest range of options to enhance package presence and customer engagement all while protecting your brand through the supply chain.